About Us

Our Vision and Strategy

Our Vision

At ConvaTec, we are committed to helping people with chronic health conditions lead the life they want – giving them more mobility, confidence and freedom.  

With the help of almost 1,000  colleagues across the company, we’ve shaped a new long-term vision for ConvaTec:  

Pioneering trusted medical solutions to improve the lives we touch.

It captures three concepts:

‘Pioneering’ expresses how we want to be innovation-driven to better serve the people who need us

‘Trusted medical solutions’ explains that what we offer covers more than products. We will provide a range of solutions (spanning devices, services and digital support) with outstanding quality, so people know they can trust and rely on them

And finally – it’s all about the people whose ‘lives we touch’. We touch people in multiple ways: physically, emotionally and psychologically. We provide solutions to serve and support people with deeply personal and challenging conditions.


Our Strategic Pillars

To achieve our vision, we’ve developed a new strategic framework, known as ‘FISBE’, which consists of five strategic pillars:

Focus on our ‘must-win’ geographies and core categories – we already operate in attractive markets

Innovate in our work and solutions and increase investment in R&D

Simplify our operations to be more customer-centric, agile and accountable

Build ‘mission-critical’ capabilities

Execute with excellence

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