Frances Ross


Frances Ross,
me+™ Product Specialist, Oklahoma, US

6:00 am – Alarm goes off, it's Monday!

6:30 am – After pressing snooze 3 times, I get up and make my husband breakfast; potatoes with scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese.

7:15 am – I grab a drink, tell my girls I love them and head out the door. Why only a drink? Because my supervisor James, always brings kolaches and donuts every Monday to start off the week!

7:50 am – I text my husband to say I made it work safely, and I take a moment to read my Proverbs Verse for the day before I walk in.

8:00 am – I log into my computer ready for work. I start by checking my emails and checking the points I made from the previous day to see how many more I need to reach my personal goal. By 8:15am, I begin to make my morning calls. At 8:30am, James comes in with our promised breakfast – wonderful timing! I make a quick last call before my first meeting.

10:00 am – Our meeting today is to find out if we met our goals last week, our targets for the upcoming week, and any new updated. 

11:15 am – Break time! My co-worker Mari & I usually go for a walk in the summer, but in the winter we visit the onsite gym that is provided by ConvaTec.

11:30 am – I’m back to making calls! By this time, I’ve usually caught up on any new cases, I’ve talked to a few new customers and sent out our me+™ starter kits. This is normally the first direct contact customers have with our company, so it’s important to make a great first impression.

2:00 pm – After lunch, I speak to a lovely customer who is struggling with a competitor products that she has been using for over ten years. I enjoy these calls because they give me the chance to explain the benefits of our products and services that help make a difference to our customers. After giving her a few tips, I send her out some free samples that I’m confident will improve her quality of life. The feeling I get from knowing that the products I’m recommending are going to have such a difference in a person’s life, is one of the reasons why I love my job!

3:30 pm – Another break time, that I spend normally with the sales team in the weight room or we go for a walk outside when weather is nice.

4:00 pm – We have our Oklahoma Sales Team meeting to discuss any updates and get an idea of our performance. We go back to our desks after the meeting to follow up on any callbacks. We work closely with our colleagues in Greensboro, NC, and follow up with any patients they were unable to reach due to their time zone before leaving to go home.

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