Gretchen Reyes Cseplo


Gretchen Reyes Cseplo - Compliance Officer, U.S., Canada & Director of Global Compliance Operations, US

What is the first thing you do when you get started with work for the day?
After making sure that I properly fuel my brain with a healthy organic breakfast (egg whites, oatmeal, blueberries and a must have “to go cup” of my favorite organic matcha-green tea), I immediately “jump” right into my day and challenge myself to cross-out as many items from my “to do” list as I possibly can! First, I assess if I have any urgent business requests that need my immediate attention.  If I don’t have any, I review my Outlook schedule to determine if it’s going to be an all “back to back” conference call day or if I will have allocated “quiet-desk time” to concentrate on compliance operation projects and reports.  

What are your main areas of focus in your work as a Compliance Officer?
My main areas of focus include many different ones since I proudly wear multiple hats in my current role.  My primary focus is my duty to support our Chief Compliance Officer and Assistant General Counsel, Andrew Dahlinghaus, and Regional Compliance Officers, in ensuring the management of all the elements necessary for an effective corporate compliance program. This focus is directly aligned with ConvaTec’s values and behaviors,” Earning Trust”, because it is intended to protect our Employees, Customers, and ConvaTec’s hard earned reputation as an ethical and trusted industry leader.
I achieve this working very hard to organize and manage a Global Compliance Operations calendar that details projects and tasks necessary to achieve our program’s objectives.  Some examples of these tasks include conducting live or eLearning Compliance employee training on our Code of Conduct, policies, procedures, or expanded education on any new regulation that may pose operational impact to ConvaTec or how we may require to interact with our patients (end-users), healthcare professionals, and third-party business partners.  Moreover, I am also very proud to manage our Global ConvaTec Employee Compliance helpline which focuses on helping our employees with any inquiries or concerns related to our Company’s policies and procedures.

U.S. & Canada National Sales Meeting, Houston, Texas, March 1st, 2018

How do you organize/structure your work day with tasks/projects?
We can all relate to having a busy and challenging schedule to achieve our objectives and goals. By keeping an organized schedule, I can ensure flexibility so I can accommodate unforeseen urgent matters when they arise.  One of my trusted resources to achieve organization is my trusty journal which I use to keep important follow ups and tasks organized.  It is also very rewarding to quickly refer to my pending “to do list” and cross out items that are completed throughout my work day. 



 As a Compliance Officer, do you collaborate with a team or mainly work autonomously? Which do you prefer?
I enjoy collaborating with a variety of multi-functional teams in many different business areas, including, sales, marketing, finance, internal audit, human resources, and corporate affairs. It is, absolutely, my favorite aspect of the Global Compliance Operations role.  My Compliance Officer colleagues, are located all around the globe and in multiple time-zones. I love to spend time with them, when we can, and learn from their regional experiences when collaborating on our compliance program projects.


Global Compliance Team (Image taken at our Reading, UK office on December 2016). Left to Right: Karen Leyshon, Deputy Global Compliance Officer-EMEA, Gretchen Reyes Cseplo, Compliance Officer, U.S. Canada & Global Compliance Operations, Jennise Daley, Manager, Third Party Diligence and Compliance Operations, Mandy Zhang, Compliance Officer, China, Korea & Japan, Andrew Dahlinghaus, Chief Compliance Officer and Assistant General Counsel, Gaurav Belosay, Compliance Officer & Senior Counsel – APAC. *Missing from the team picture:  Diana Ramirez, Compliance Officer and Senior Counsel-LATAM and Sulay Desai, Manager, Compliance and Transparency Operations.

Which part of your work do you enjoy the most, and why?
Despite having a very demanding and stressful role, at times, I genuinely enjoy the variety and diversity of tasks that I manage.  No two work days are the same and as such, my week typically flies by.  I enjoy working under pressure because I tend to get a lot done from my list. However, I think I enjoy tackling unique business challenges the most because I get to partner with my commercial leaders and jointly develop compliant and creative strategies to overcome obstacles so we can always compete and WIN.

If you had more hours in the day to focus on new skills related to your job or projects for your work, what would you focus on?
Professional development and expanding my knowledge, skills, and abilities on our industry’s Compliance matters is very important to me.  Whenever I can, I like to make time to participate in webex sessions or travel to local industry conferences to learn and speak on best practices. However, as a native Spanish speaker, I would love to have more time and resources to expand my elementary knowledge of Portuguese and French, so that I could fully deliver live Compliance presentations in any of those languages.

What is your special skill/ magic power/ hobby you’re proud of?
My special or favorite skill is to leverage my early experience as an Ostomy Care marketing team member, when providing feedback and guidance to other marketing and sales colleagues.  I am proud of leveraging all of my ConvaTec experience, not just as a Compliance Officer, to help my commercial partners solve their challenges and ultimately achieve their short and long term goals.  Furthermore, I have been told by many managers and colleagues that I can “move mountains” and gets things done.  I also don’t mind taking on new projects and challenges as they have always been my personal and professional catalyst for growth at ConvaTec since 2006.




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