Corporate Responsibility

Socio-economic Contribution

We aim to improve the lives of the people we touch and this includes the economic contribution we make to different stakeholder groups. The level of contribution is subject to a range of factors including:

–– the commercial success of our business;

–– local and international economic drivers and trends;

–– fiscal and regulatory frameworks to which we are subject.

Our economic contribution, which is important to a range of stakeholders, is summarised in the Corporate Responsibility Report.


Contribution to Governments

Governments need to raise taxes to meet the vital social and economic needs of their populations. We are fully committed to meeting our legal obligations in this respect in each of the countries where we operate. We fully support the moves towards greater transparency with tax authorities and the initiatives being introduced to enable this.

Our Tax Policy is available on our Group website and more details of our tax payments are included in our Annual Report and Accounts.[LINK].


Contributions to communities

We have developed a global theme for the focus of our volunteering and charitable activities. This focus will be on helping young people make healthier lifestyle choices now, to try and help them avoid some of the chronic conditions that our products and services target in the future. We recognise that choice is influenced by opportunity, and that not everyone has access to the education, resources and role models to support those choices. We are looking for partners in the communities local to where we operate, to help us deliver impactful programmes under this theme. A key component of our approach will be to involve our employees in the programme and we will describe our progress as the programme develops.

In addition, employees at a number of our locations develop projects to help their local communities and more information on these initiatives can be found in our Corporate Responsibility Report.


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