Corporate Responsibility

Conserving our Planet

We recognise that a damaged environment has broad consequences for the health and wellbeing of society.  In addition to the environmental impacts of our own operations, we recognise the impacts of our ‘upstream’ supply chain in creating our products, as well as those in their ‘downstream’ distribution, use and final disposal. We also recognise the commercial benefits of taking proactive action to address our impacts. While the risk of a material direct financial impact on our business as a consequence of climate change over the next five years is currently believe to be relatively low, we are seeing some signs of customer preference around the environmental credentials of products and packaging which could have a direct impact on commercial outcomes.

Our management approach

We have an environmental policy statement which sets out our position, and this reflects a more detailed internal environmental policy document which provides direction to major facilities on how to structure their environmental management programmes. 

Our own operations

Dedicated Environment, Health and Safety Managers work across our manufacturing sites, and are developing environmental management systems in line with corporate requirement and referencing ISO14001. Four of our manufacturing sites, (Deeside, Rhymney, Michalovce, Minsk) have achieved certification to that standard. Our Global EHS Team conducts audits of the effectiveness of system implementation.

Our most significant impacts are:

  • Emissions to air – in particular, greenhouse gases associated with energy consumption
  • Generation of waste – hazardous and non-hazardous
  • Management of water
  • Consumption of raw materials in our products.

Environmental impacts along the value chain

As well as the environmental impact of our own operations, the delivery of our products to end users also creates impacts along the value chain, relating to the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, logistics and transport. We aim to address these impacts through two main approaches:

  • Assessing the overall environmental performance of our key suppliers
  • Analysing the ‘cradle to grave’ life cycles of our key product groups and packaging, to identify improvement opportunities
  • Designing sustainability improvements into new products and packaging.

These topics and the performance of our operations are covered in detail in the Conserving our Planet section of our 2020 Annual Report on pages 52 to 57.

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