Corporate Responsibility

Delivering for Customers

The people who use our products are our primary stakeholders and central to our vision.

Our entire business is oriented to provide them with innovative, effective, safe, reliable and fairly-priced medical devices that meet their needs.

The key areas of focus are to ensure that:

  • Our products are effective, and that we constantly innovate to deliver improvements
  • Our products are safe for people to use
  • We are ethical in our approach to product research and development
  • We maintain a reliable supply of products to those who use them
  • We help reduce barriers to access to our products
  • We safeguard the personal data of users that we hold as part of our activities.

For further information on our performance on these topics in 2020, please see the ‘Delivering for Customers’ section on page 44 in the 2020 Annual Report.

In 2019, we published a Company Policy on our approach to ethical issues relating to the new product development process.  This Policy can be found here.

Engaging with Customers

Our interaction with customers is fundamental to our success and goes beyond building trust and enhancing our reputation. By listening to the people who use our products, we can identify ways to improve both the products and services that we offer. We engage with our end-users in four main ways:

  • Our me+™ support programmes and our HSG Services
  • Targeted research programmes specifically designed to gain insights for product and service innovation
  • Responding to specific questions raised with us
  • Tracking, and responding to complaints about our products or services

We also engage extensively with healthcare professionals through our commercial teams, briefing on product capabilities and new innovations and through professional learning such as the ConvaTec Academy for Professional education.


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