Corporate Responsibility

Enabling our People

Our people are key to our success and together we are responsible for ensuring that we fulfill our Purpose and deliver our strategy.

Engaging with employees

To create a positive collaborative working environment and to ensure that everyone is aware of the contribution they can make in fulfilling our Purpose, it is important that all employees are engaged and motivated and have opportunities to openly share feedback and ideas. Our engagement with employees occurs through a number of channels, including regular updates posted on our Group-wide intranet, town hall meetings in all our operations, updates from our CEO and other members of the leadership team, and through dialogue with relevant union representatives and Works Councils. At the end of 2016, approximately 50% of employees at our manufacturing locations were covered by collective bargaining arrangements. We also regularly conduct employee ‘pulse’ surveys that focus on specific issues.


Work place standards

In response to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the increasing focus on human rights by some of our key customers, we operate our Human Rights and Labour Standards Policy. A significant number of employees have completed the related online training. This Policy builds on our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct which provides further guidance on workplace issues such as equal opportunities, anti-harassment and dignity at work.

Download our Human Rights and Labour Standards Policy Statement here. 

We have introduced 22 new Health & Safety (‘H&S’) policy standards across our businesses, together with appropriate training, and are auditing our performance. Currently, we collate H&S performance data across our manufacturing operations, and this will be expanded to cover other parts of our business during 2017. There were no fatalities across the Group in 2016, and data on Recordable Incidents and Lost Time Injury Rates are provided below.


Diversity and inclusion

It is important that our businesses include people from different backgrounds and cultures who have diverse skills and experience and we are committed to providing equal opportunities for all potential and existing employees in a working environment which is free from discrimination. We are developing a single global Diversity and Inclusion Policy which is being rolled out across the Group in 2017.

As at 31 December 2016 our gender diversity statistics were as follows:


Developing our people

We are committed to investing in our people and their development. 

As well as fostering an environment that encourages and rewards success, we run a number of training and development programmes which help our employees progress their careers and ensure that we have a good pipeline of talent with the right skills and experience across the Group. We have a participative virtual global learning programme and a formal mentoring programme which is being rolled out across all our businesses during 2017. To support our talent pipeline and succession planning, a formal global leadership and management development programme is being introduced across the Group, and we continue to provide bespoke support and training for high potential leaders in line with their individual development plans and objectives.

We have a formal performance management process which measures performance against objectives and demonstration of our values and behaviours which feeds into merit and bonus differentiation. Twice a year non-shop floor employees participate in performance and development reviews with their manager, to provide and receive feedback and agree future career goals.

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