Corporate Responsibility

Enabling our People

We are reliant on our employees to deliver our Vision/Purpose and we strive to attract and retain the best people by promoting ourselves as an employer of choice. This is fundamental to our success.

People are more attracted to work for businesses that can demonstrate a clear purpose that benefits society beyond the pursuit of profit and the economic benefits to shareholders. It is important for our business to match their aspirations in this regard, and to go beyond delivering on the basics of the employer/employee relationship.

For more information on our 2020 performance and activities initiatives relating to "Enabling our People" see page 47 to 50 of our 2020 Annual Report.

Our Culture

We are working to foster a strong ConvaTec culture which is rooted in our values. These values determine our behaviours and how we run our business every day.  They are embedded in our human resource policies and processes, including our performance reviews, which assess both the "what" and "how" of each employee's contribution.  Employee engagement is key.  At ConvaTec this occurs through a variety of channels, including regular updates posted on our Group-wide intranet, our App for Internal Communications ("MyConvaTec"), ‘town hall’ meetings in all our operations, updates from our CEO and other members of the leadership team, and through dialogue with union representatives and works councils.  We conduct Group-wide employee surveys.  In November 2020 we commissioned our second Organisational Health Index (the "OHI") survey to assess our culture (the first was undertaken in March 2019).  All employees were invited to participate in the survey, which generated an impressive 86% response rate and we achieved a very significant improvement in our overall health score. We also operate a whistle-blower hotline.

Developing our employees

Our employees are critical to our success and we want to create an environment where everyone can fully contribute. To help our employees progress their careers and also ensure that we have the right experience and skills across the Group and a pipeline of talent for the future, we invest in training and development opportunities which are underpinned by policies, systems and technologies which we embed across the Group.

An entire pillar of the ConvaTec FISBE strategy focus on building capabilities and expertise within the group. More detail can be found in the 2020 Annual Report.

Wellbeing, Health & Safety

Our employees are encouraged and supported to adopt healthy lifestyles through programmes such as via our UK health insurance partner, Vitality. 

A business has a fundamental duty of care to ensure its employees are kept safe at work, and that their health is not impacted as a result of their employment. The Company has developed a broad range of H&S policy standards, covering both our EHS management system and specific H&S topics. These policies are available on our intranet and training has been undertaken by the vast majority of the management team personnel at our operations locations.

We take a proactive approach to safety management with a global EHS team reporting into the EVP of Quality and Operations, monthly H&S reporting to CELT and periodic board updates.  This approach is being further reinforced with the introduction of our Journey to Safety Excellence Programme in 2021.


Diversity, including gender, age, ethnicity, nationality and experience, enhances our ability to fulfil our Vision and Purpose.

Our gender diversity strategy focuses on three areas:

––Leading, Promoting and Educating – establishing policy statements, forming appropriate governance, setting up employee engagement forums and enhancing existing eLearning capabilities around diversity inclusion and unconscious bias;

––Building, Developing and Promoting Talent – developing and promoting diverse talents and creating an inclusive culture;

––Sourcing Talent – actively sourcing a diverse range of candidates for all senior roles.

We track employee diversity through our human resource systems and our Board reviews metrics as part of their assessment of executive management.

Work place standards

We support the ten principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We have incorporated these concepts in our Human Rights and Labour Standards Policy, which also reflects International Labour Organisation ( ILO) conventions, and applies to all ConvaTec employees.

This Policy builds on our existing Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. All employees are required to complete the training relating to the Code every year. Together, the Policy, and the Code, cover a broad range of human rights issues. We operate a cross-functional Human Rights Steering Committee to guide our approach.

Download our Human Rights and Labour Standards Statement here.

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