ConvaTec Introduces GentleCath™ Glide and me+™ Continence Care Programme for Intermittent Catheter Users in Europe


19 September 2017

  • Hydrophilic catheter with advanced FeelClean™ technology developed to make catheterization simple and convenient for daily users
  • me+™ programme for continence care provides solutions to help relieve stress of daily catheterisation and provide greater value for intermittent catheter users


READING, UNITED KINGDOM (19 September 2017) — ConvaTec Group Plc (“ConvaTec”), a leading global medical products and technologies company, today announced the European introduction of GentleCath™ Glide, an intermittent catheter developed to provide simple, convenient hydrophilic catheterisation for daily users. The availability of GentleCath™ Glide in European markets follows its successful launch in the US earlier this year, and will be supported by the roll out of the me+™ programme for continence care, an extension of the company’s direct-to-consumer programme in ostomy care.


GentleCath™ Glide is a low friction hydrophilic intermittent catheter made with ConvaTec’s unique FeelClean™ technology that activates immediately when in contact with water. The FeelClean™ technology was developed to reduce the residuals and mess left behind by catheterisation, so users can worry less about getting residue on their clothes, hands and body. GentleCath™ Glide also features a no-touch sleeve to help prevent contamination of the catheter from the hands.1-3


“A high quality, smooth hydrophilic surface is important to minimize the risk of trauma during intermittent catheterization. GentleCath™ Glide provides my catheter users with a comfortable and convenient hydrophilic cathing experience,” said Brian L. Cohen, M.D., M.P.H.


“We are very excited to bring our innovative GentleCath™ Glide and me+™ care programme for intermittent catheter users to Europe,” said Mads Haugaard, Vice President and General Manager, Continence & Critical Care. “We will continue to expand our GentleCath™ portfolio to provide greater choice and meet the needs of all intermittent catheter users. The combination of our innovative products and services, and our strong distribution relationships from our Ostomy Care business uniquely positions ConvaTec to be successful in Continence Care in Europe.”


me+™ Programme for Intermittent Catheter Users


Created in collaboration with clinicians and intermittent catheter users for clinicians and intermittent catheter users, the GentleCath™ me+™ programme provides a range of resources, tools and information alongside the professional advice and personalized support from dedicated wound, ostomy and continence nurses that is unique to ConvaTec’s me+™ approach.


The me+™ programme for continence care features extensive web-based resources (, including personalized video user guides. The innovative user guides provide tips and guidance on using GentleCath™ products that can be customized to each individual user to ensure they have the most relevant information as they start catheterisation. The me+™ Answers section, also offers an intelligent video FAQ tool with an advanced search function to help users find the most relevant answers and information easily and quickly.


For more information, visit or, or call ConvaTec customer service.


About me+™ for ostomy and continence care

me+™ is a consumer-focused support and service platform designed to help resolve unmet needs and elevate the experience of living with an ostomy or continence condition. Through the me+™ programme, ConvaTec provides support through resources, tools, honest information, emotional support and superior products. By combining our product offering with a robust service and support programme, it is our belief that people living with an ostomy or continence condition are more likely to have good outcomes and a better experience.

About ConvaTec ConvaTec is a global medical products and technologies company focused on therapies for the management of chronic conditions. The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange (stock symbol: CTEC) and has leading market positions in advanced wound care, ostomy care, continence and critical care, and infusion devices. ConvaTec's products provide a range of clinical and economic benefits, including infection prevention, protection of at-risk skin, improved patient outcomes and reduced total cost of care.

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GentleCath and FeelClean are trademarks of Unomedical a/s. me+ is a trademark of ConvaTec Inc.

© 2017 ConvaTec Inc.



  1. Hudson E. & Murahata R.I. The ‘no-touch’ method of intermittent urinary catheter insertion: can it reduce the risk of bacteria entering the bladder? Spinal Cord 2005;43(10):611–614.
  2. Charbonneau-Smith R. No-touch catheterization and infection rates in a select spinal cord injured population. Rehabilitation Nursing 1993;18(5):296–299, 305.
  3. Cardenas DD, Hoffman JM. Hydrophilic catheters versus noncoated catheters for reducing the incidence of urinary tract infections: a randomized controlled trial. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2009;90(10):1668-71.


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