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Continence & Critical Care


The category includes products for people with urinary continence issues related to spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida and other urological disorders. The category also includes disposable devices and products used for a range of procedures in intensive care units and hospital settings.

In Continence Care, the Group offers a portfolio of intermittent urinary catheters, which are predominantly used by people who self-catheterise in order to drain urine from the bladder. Key products include the GentleCath line of intermittent urinary catheters.

Our Critical Care portfolio includes advanced systems for managing acute fecal incontinence, monitoring urine production output (hourly diuresis) and monitoring intra-abdominal pressure. Key products in this range include Flexi-Seal® Fecal Management Systems, UnoMeter hourly diuresis management systems and AbViser and Abdo-Pressure intra-abdominal pressure measurement devices.

The Group’s Hospital Care portfolio provides a wide range of high-quality disposable medical devices for use in a variety of airway management and urine management care applications, as well as other various therapeutic areas, in high-volume procedures in urology, intensive care, operating rooms and other hospital departments. Products include wound drainage systems, urine collection bags and catheters, airway management and oxygen/aerosol therapy devices, suction handles and tubes, gastroenterology tubes, and securement devices.


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